Every Generation Has Its Way

Feeling muddled.

Last night I came to the conclusion that I have too much on my mind. Work, personal relationships, future possibilities and ambitions… There are simply too much of that, and the miserable weather and the dark season* do not help to cope with those things. Therefore, I decided to take up blogging, hoping that writing down my thoughts will help me look at this complexity from a different perspective.

Do not get me wrong. This blog is not an attempt to spill my guts out, I’ll keep the negativity to myself. Rather, I will try to share my attempts to understand the world surrounding us, as well as some things I experience in my pursue of happiness. I feel that writing is something I currently need. It is rather personal. Thus, I understand that fulfilling personal needs on a public platform may look silly. However, the curiosity to know whether anyone relates to my views and thoughts is great.

The title of this blog was inspired by Joe Cocker’s song N’Oubliez Jamais. I had never been a big fan of Joe, but heard the song on the radio the other night and it touched me.

N’oubliez jamais
I heard my father say
Every generation has its way
A need to disobey
N’oubliez jamais
It’s in your destiny
A need to disagree
When rules get in the way
N’oubliez jamais

One may say A need to disobey (//disagree) when the rules get in the way may sound a little revolutionary, maybe too youthful and could reflect inexperience. Considering this was written by a bright man in his 50s, I would regard such an approach as a misconception.

N’oubliez jamais, it’s all about your freedom to look at the world independently. It’s a about the obligation to challenge the rules and live your own life. It’s about the independent thoughts and personality.

This is what my blog is about. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

* I live in the northern hemisphere, where the days are usually short and snowy in winter. But there is no snow, and it’s been raining for the last month. So by the “dark season” I mean that it is literally wet and dark, and there is no hypothetical meaning behind those words whatsoever.